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October 2020

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10/14/2020: "ghost stories!"

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My birthday is on Halloween and I've always been obsessed with anything paranormal, specifically ghost related. As a child from age 10, I became "addicted" to my computer and would spend hours on the internet. During this time I came across two ghost stories that I have never forgotten. So i'll link them below. Re-reading them as an adult, I don't believe one of them because it reminds me A LOT from an episode of "Are you Afraid of the Dark" as well as an episode of "Eerie, Indiana" (both are 90s tv show, if you're unfamiliar I recommend them!)

Here is the first one, It was called "Grandma's Ghost": here
I had to go through archive.org to find the second one (it was also a longer process) This is the one I don't really believe anymore

>>>Click the entry link to view the whole entry!!!!!!

So: I had bookmarked these two sites after finding them again about 10 years ago, and saved them as bookmarks on my old Macbook Pro. Thankfully, I had saved the bookmarks as an HTML file, and searched the html file to find these two links. One was up, the other I had to use archive.org for.

More ghost stories are available here. Don't forget about the Shadowlands, this site is still up and running for over 20 years. It also has a list by state and country, then by city of hauntings. shocked