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October 2020

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10/19/2020: ""

I've been on the web since 2001 creating my own websites. I had a domain from 2002-2003, then was hosted from 2003-2005 on two different domains. I finally, today found the link to the second and last domain that hosted me. I'm not going to link the site because it has some offensive material on it, but it's so weird to look back at posts made from different times in your life, isn't it?

I went to a college prep school for grade 9, and in the few posts, I discussed how I really struggled with academics. I wasn't really studying at all and I was more preoccupied with going on myspace and fantasizing about some guy named Matt Kim, who I was too afraid to talk to. I saw him in SF later on when I live there because he attended SF State. Apparently, he was a mean, and cruel math teacher and now works in the tech industry. Whatever.
I would spend hours looking at the popular people in the grade above me's myspace photos for their homecoming photos. I think some of these images I edited in photoshop maybe on Deviantart, but I'm not sure. I should check.

I'm also thinking of making another domain because I want to see if a moveable type will work there. Isn't that dumb? I do impulsive shit and I'm broke. I'm just on one of my OCD binges after I watch a movie that I like and get really into it, like this time it's 1973 film American Graffiti. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out on life.