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November 2020

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11/15/2020: "bloop"

music: silence
mood: pain

The semester is well, still up and the pandemic is now at its worse XD cool eh? . I've turned down every interview offer because it's just not safe, and I'm applying because capitalism tells us that we need money to survive, and I feel guilty taking money from my parents and bf right now. I lost my job to no fault on my own, and I ran out of all my unemployment.

Back to school:
I'm working on my final project, which relates to my thesis. I did some or attempted to do some python coding. With nos et of instructions as most programming classes go, it takes me HOURS to find out what I'm supposed to do to get what I want. It's frustrating, and there's very few people available to ask for help, and many don't want to give you the answer. I think I'm talking about my R programming class in 2015, which was 5 years ago this fall. I hated that class, and I hated everyone in it. I had to put my cat down that quarter, I almost died that summer. 2015 was a totally awful year. Now look at 2020.


I've been for the past few months browsing websites That I use to frequent as a 12-13 year old, and I'm kind of appalled over this one concept: the elite clique. A little website where the admin decides what is decent web design to them, and often the first member is their own website lol. I am not kidding. So many of these websites, didn't even have decent design or content.

I've always had websites that nobody visited, and designs that people laughed about, so I never bothered trying. The only websites that I did find enjoyable were by a bunch of elder teen girls whos art aesthetic was rather dark, but often very engaging. I still think that today...like sherbetmassacre.net, pennyroyal.org, everything about them was cool.

Now in 2020 my biggest fans are web crawling bots who upvote my posts. Thanks bots smile

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