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October 2020

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Wednesday, October 28th


music: nothing
mood: ugh.

Been a minute, but I basically found out this Monday that I likely won't be asked back to my serving job at a fine dining restaurant that I was hired last November at. It's pretty upsetting because my GM assured us all in March when they decided to lay everyone off for us to collect unemployment "that he would hire everyone back". What happened was they re-opened in June, without telling anyone but the people they decided based upon the seniority of who they would re-hire. Due to so many people being there for 5,7, 6 years, I'm at the bottom of the list, next to someone who was there for two and three years.

Apparently, the business has not been doing very well which is shocking because it's a fancy restaurant, run by a famous chef and in a rich, beach resort town. Things were booming before Covid but began to slow down by March and late February when people began to freak out about Covid and not want to go out. According to the girl I spoke to, they are not re-hiring anyone until after the year starts.

I'm not holding my breath.

I sent a text to my GM Monday saying "I would love to come back and I'm available to work", but I got no reply as I suspected I wouldn't He just kept everyone in the dark until he decided to contact you to ask you to come back.

I think I've decided not to work in the foodservice industry again. Right now, there are hundreds possibly thousands of applications to every retail, grocery store, and restaurant that is hiring, across the country. It's also too risky with this obvious third wave we are having and a lot of places are shutting down again.

I'm a graduate student and It's time for me to find a career at 31 that fits my degrees. I'm also planning on getting my Ph.D. so I can get a better geography career that pays well and has benefits.

I'm sad though, about that place, I really bonded with the bussers and food runners who treated me like family. They also looked after my tables and let me know if something was off or if someone needed something. I'm disappointed in you Nancy Silverton.
natty on 10.28.20 @ 03:27 PM PST [link]

Tuesday, October 20th

I've managed to find my first ever hosted webpage, and some of my first blogs on Blogspot from 6th grade. Wow, I was a really angry 12 year-old.

First website. I don't remember much, but I do recall my host never interacting with me, and I was trying to install greymatter (which is what I'm using right now), but I couldn't because the hosting software she used didn't allow for cgi-bin access, so instead I had my own domain, which would be "little-star.org".

blog 1

just an intro sidebar that's kind of funny

natty on 10.20.20 @ 01:39 PM PST [link]

Monday, October 19th

I've been on the web since 2001 creating my own websites. I had a domain from 2002-2003, then was hosted from 2003-2005 on two different domains. I finally, today found the link to the second and last domain that hosted me. I'm not going to link the site because it has some offensive material on it, but it's so weird to look back at posts made from different times in your life, isn't it?

I went to a college prep school for grade 9, and in the few posts, I discussed how I really struggled with academics. I wasn't really studying at all and I was more preoccupied with going on myspace and fantasizing about some guy named Matt Kim, who I was too afraid to talk to. I saw him in SF later on when I live there because he attended SF State. Apparently, he was a mean, and cruel math teacher and now works in the tech industry. Whatever.
I would spend hours looking at the popular people in the grade above me's myspace photos for their homecoming photos. I think some of these images I edited in photoshop maybe on Deviantart, but I'm not sure. I should check.

I'm also thinking of making another domain because I want to see if a moveable type will work there. Isn't that dumb? I do impulsive shit and I'm broke. I'm just on one of my OCD binges after I watch a movie that I like and get really into it, like this time it's 1973 film American Graffiti. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out on life.
natty on 10.19.20 @ 11:51 PM PST [link]

Thursday, October 15th


mood: tired

i'm tired and I don't know why, also I made another website h e r e. A lot of websites there are set up to look very 'old school'.
natty on 10.15.20 @ 08:49 PM PST [link]

Wednesday, October 14th

ghost stories!

music: nothing
mood: ok.

My birthday is on Halloween and I've always been obsessed with anything paranormal, specifically ghost related. As a child from age 10, I became "addicted" to my computer and would spend hours on the internet. During this time I came across two ghost stories that I have never forgotten. So i'll link them below. Re-reading them as an adult, I don't believe one of them because it reminds me A LOT from an episode of "Are you Afraid of the Dark" as well as an episode of "Eerie, Indiana" (both are 90s tv show, if you're unfamiliar I recommend them!)

Here is the first one, It was called "Grandma's Ghost": here
I had to go through archive.org to find the second one (it was also a longer process) This is the one I don't really believe anymore

>>>Click the entry link to view the whole entry!!!!!!
natty on 10.14.20 @ 04:20 PM PST [more..]

Tuesday, October 13th

I am hosting

music: idk its tv
mood: okay

Hey everyone! I am hosting on my domain! If you are interested just leave me a comment or sign my guestbook.

You would get:
1. lots of space
2. cgi-scripts, php, mysql access
3.must know how to use an ftp

I am interested in sites that are interesting////. I'm not that picky but if you have a nostalgic aspect to your site I'll probably be interested in it because I was born in 1989 and have always liked "old" things.
natty on 10.13.20 @ 02:54 PM PST [link]

Sunday, October 11th


music: AYAOTD
mood: hungry

5 (924k image)
Bored now.
natty on 10.11.20 @ 07:48 PM PST [link]


music: golden girls
mood: about to be stressed

I have a "larger" quiz tomorrow because my professor was upset that nobody in my class understands interpolation, kirging, or IDW.
what is kriging?. I also have to create a one page powerpoint for a class. Im so angry with my exam grade in that class. Don't even get me started.
natty on 10.11.20 @ 12:26 PM PST [link]

Saturday, October 10th


music: Practical Magic movie
mood: okay.

crying Currently updating this thing on a rest day.
natty on 10.10.20 @ 07:40 PM PST [link]

Friday, October 9th


music: AYAOTD
mood: hungry

I downloaded some cgi-scripts now that I reactivated the Apache module. I'm going to install a guestbook, and maybe a game cgi for the bots that come to my website to play.
natty on 10.09.20 @ 03:13 PM PST [link]

Thursday, October 8th


music: Melrose Place
mood: okay.

smile I have not updated in a while and nobody reads this so all is well. I tried to install MT because I had issues getting this to work again because somehow my apache got turned off. Ive spent the past two days figuring this out, or trying to find another blogging software to upload to here and it wasn't easy. Turns out I also have perl module issues and couldn't get MT to fully install.
Alice on 10.08.20 @ 11:43 PM PST [link]